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Golf Ball Brands, Which golf ball brands are the best?
Titleist Brand Golf Balls - Titleist offers an online selection tool, to help you select the right Titleist Golf Ball for your game.

Titleist Dt Solo
- 392 Icosahedral dimple design. This ball is designed for a broad range of players who are seeking added distance, good feel, solid response with your short game and a durable cover that is hard to cut. Benefits - Longer distance with drivers and irons, exceptional feel, responsive short game control and a cut-proof cover. soft compression, good for all types of golfers. We had some amateur players test this ball and we received some good responses. Good for those with a slower swing speed, our rating 8/10.

Titleist Pro V1 - This ball is a tour quality ball and for experienced players only. Features spherically tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design. Benefits - Exceptional distance, consistent flight, excellent control on the greens, exceptionally soft feel, high durability, tour-proven quality. Delivers a penetrating ball flight in all wind conditions. rating 9/10 high compression golf ball for experienced players only.

TaylorMade Brand Golf Balls
TaylorMade Penta TP - 5 layer ball to enhance feel and spin, 8/10 Lots Of Feel
Penta TP is the first and only five-layer Tour Quality ball. Each layer is uniquely engineered to optimize performance in 5 key shot categories driver, long-irons, mid-irons, short-irons and partial wedges.

TaylorMade Burner & Burner Tour - The Burner is designed to give you higher launch for extra distance. Characteristics of this ball include Higher Launch, Longer Carry and Extra Distance. Compression rating 60. our rating 7/10

Burner Tour, this ball claims tour distance with softer feel. Characteristics include Softer Feel, Increased Spin and Added Control. Compression rating 57. our rating 7.5/10

TaylorMade Noodle Balls - The Noodle long and soft, this ball is for players with swing speeds greater than 85mph. It claims long distance and soft feel around the greens. Compression rating 60. our rating 8.5/10

Noodle easy distance, this is for players with lower swing speeds of less than 85mph. It is very similar to the Noodle long and soft, yet designed for those who don't swing as hard. Compression rating 50. our rating 7/10.

Wilson Staff Brand Golf Balls

FG Tour Balls -
This golf ball is a multilayer urethane design, it promises to deliver long distance and shot control. This ball has one of the softest feels of any ball out. 75 compression. our rating 8.5/10

C:25 Golf Balls - This is a multilayer ball. It is the perfect ball for players who want distance, soft feel and shot-stopping spin. 3-piece ionomer construction, allows for maximum initial velocity and a responsive ionomer cover delivers soft feel. Features flatbottomed, shallow dimples, which deliver stable, penetrating flight. our rating 8/10

More Golf Ball Brands
Nike One Vapor Speed - to promote more ball speed, rating 8/10 Nice Ball

Pinnacle Dimension - for distance, rating 6/10 Fair Ball

Top Flite XL-3000 Super Spin - this ball has a soft core which allows for maximum spin with your irons. recommended for experienced players, rating 8.5/10 for max spin control