Golf is one of, if not thee, hardest games to master. No 2 courses are exactly alike and the conditions are constantly changing.

You have to have power and accuracy off the tee. On the green is where the money is won and that requires a soft touch and great precision. Shots from the rough or out of the bunkers are especially challenging. That is why you need to have equipment you can rely on.

That means high quality Golf Club Brands are a must for the serious player. Golf Balls have to fly straight and true. They also need to land softly and offer the golfer great feel on the clubhead.

A putter is a personal choice and there are many different types and brands to choose from. Golf Shoes are specificaly designed for the game. They offer stability during your swing and they should be waterproof to accomodate all weather conditions.

Did you know that a  quick way to give your golf game a boost, is by simply changing your Golf Club Grips. A new set of grips will be a bit tackier, keeping the club from slipping during impact. A new set of grips can also increase feel and allow you to hit better.

At we help you find the top golf brands to suit your game. We have the advice and reviews that you are looking for.
Tiger Fever Returns to Augusta and The Masters Tournament

One year ago it seemed like this was an impossibility, that Tiger woods would even be playing in this years Masters. The 4 time Masters Champion had undergone numerous surgeries to repair his ailing back without success. He was in so much pain that his daily life had become a struggle.


Fast forward to this year and boy has the picture changed. After a successful fusion surgery, where some of the vertebrae's in his back were literally fused together, he is now pain free. He is swinging the club with exceptional speed and his game is slowing returning to normal.


Tiger Woods himself tells people that he is genuinely surprised by the turn of events, that he is once again a contender for another green jacket. Read more here

Best Golf Grip Brands

Often times overlooked, the golf grips are one of the most important pieces of golf equipment. You want grips that have the right feel and tackiness, not too tacky, just right. In a pressure situation, the right grips could be the difference between a win, or a loss. Try these top brands of golf grips, to keep your game at it's peak level.

Lamkin Golf Grips
Lamkin has a great reputation among golfers, that truly know the game. Lamkin grips all have a soft feel to them, allowing you to play your best game. These grips are available in a wide range of colors and styles, so it's easy to personalize the grips to you. Lamkin grips series inculde: 3Gen Grips, Rubber Grips, Cord Grips, Specialty Grips and Putter Grips. Lankin Slogan: A Perfect Grip For Every Golfer

Golf Pride Golf Grip Brand
Golf Pride is the most preferred brand of grips, for the professional player. But are they right for the home gamer too? Well, I guess that's up to you, but they are some seriously nice golf grips. Golf Pride has been an innovator in grip technology for over 60 years, the new Brushed Cotton grips are especially nice. Currently over 80% of tour pros are using Golf Pride Grips, that's a pretty hefty endorsement in itself. With their grip selector tool, you can pick out the grips right for your game and weather conditions in your area. Bottom line, you really can't go wrong with a set of Golf Pride Grips, however they may wear a bit faster than other brands of grip.

Winn Golf Grip Brand
Best Golf Glove Brands

Wearing a golf glove when playing, is a personal choice. Many people feel that they get a better grip on the club when wearing a golf glove. If you play alot, they can help prevent you from getting blisters on your grip hand. You only wear the glove on your grip hand, which for a right handed player, is the left hand. If you are a lefty, you will wear the golf glove on your right hand. The grip is very important in golf, so any advantage you can gain, like getting a better grip. Will ultimately help your to improve your game.

Bionic Technologies Golf Glove Brand
These gloves were designed by an orthopedic surgeon to create an ergonomic "hand support system". They are designed for a light grip with enhanced feel, they are also designed to keep your hands cool and dry. Reviews: Overall the performance series of these gloves seems to hold up better than the Pro Model Glove. Some people complained that while the Pro Model works well, that it wears out too quickly.

Foot Joy Golf Glove Brand
Feel the Power. Feel the Confidence. Feel the Performance.

is the #1 Glove in Golf. Many tour players wear FootJoy Brand Golf Gloves.
Popular FootJoy Golf Gloves include the SciFlex, StaSof, and Spidr2. These gloves are known for durability and a unique amount of feel. PGA Players that wear FootJoy Gloves include Ian Poulter, Bubba Watson, Adam Scott and many others.

Snake Eyes Golf Glove Brand
Snake eyes makes golf gloves that people want to buy. They are best known for their performance rain gloves which gives you superior grip in wet conditions. These gloves are made from microfiber suede to ensure a solid grip even in the rain.

Golf Club Brands
Callaway, Titleist, Adams, King Cobra, Wilson, Yonex, Ping, Taylor Made, Nike Golf and Mizuno are all major name brands of golf clubs.

Sometimes it's difficult to definitively say that one brand of golf club is better than another. Sometimes it comes down to what feels right for you and your personal golf game.

If you have the opportunity it's always best to try out a golf club or set of clubs before buying. What may work well for another golfer, just may not be suitable for your style of play.

If you are looking for a driver there are some go to brands. Callaway's Big Bertha line of drivers are typically well-liked. Callaway also makes an X2 line of drivers that players really seem to like.

Cobras Bio Cell line of drivers are also quite popular. Nike is another manufacturer that is on the short list of many golfers.

Ping became famous by producing putters, yet their irons and drivers are on my short list of golf club brands.

TaylorMade is one of the most respected golf club manufacturers out there. TaylorMade's JetSpeed line and SLDR line of clubs, are incredibly hot right now.

Of course Titleist is best known for making golf balls, yet they also make some great golf clubs as well.

If you are looking for fairway woods, the Adams Tight Lies series are an industry leader.

List and Reviews for Golf Shops in your state or Country. We know it's sometimes best to see and try new golf equipment in person before you buy. That's why we designed a site that lets you quickly and easily find the golf shop nearest to you.

With a list of pro shops and golf stores that cater to the needs of golfers. Whether you are looking to buy golf clubs, golf balls, golf gloves, golf clothing, gps and rangefinders for golf or even golf training equipment. We can help you find the closest golf shop to you.

If you prefer to shop online for your golf equipment, we also have a directory of online golf shops. Shopping online can save you time and is quick and convenient as well. Welcome to our site, have fun on your next golf outing.

Golf Pro Shops

Many local Golf Courses have a shop that sells golf supplies and equipment, these are usually fairly small golf shops.

These golf shops are commonly referred to as "Golf Pro Shops" or simply "Pro Shops". If you are looking for last minute ad ons such as golf balls or gloves or tees then you may want to shop there.

However, most of these Golf Pro Shops will charge high mark-up prices. So it may be best to shop for golf equipment and supplies before heading to the course.

Once in awhile you can find some decent clearance price items at these pro shops. So occasionally you may find a bargain in one of these Golf Pro Shops.
Golf Shops in Arizona ( Phoenix Area Only )

Golf Shops in California ( Los Angeles Area Only )

Golf Shops in Chicago

Golf Shops in Florida

Golf Shops in Georgia

Golf Shops in Hawaii

Golf Shops in Las Vegas

Golf Shops in Massachusetts

Golf Shops in Michigan

Golf Shops in New York

Golf Shops in North Carolina

Golf Shops in South Carolina

Golf Shops in Texas ( Houston Area Only )
Golf Course Deals
Looking for great deals on golf courses or discounted rounds of golf?

Try these hot websites which offer discounted deals on golf courses as well as daily deals on golf products and equipment.

Golf offers tee times at over 3,000 courses for up to 70% off retail price and has the largest selection in the United States and Canada.

Group Golfer
A golf website which offers daily deals on discount rounds of golf and other golf products. Usually offers deep discounts on rounds of golf, tailored to the state which you live in. We really like this site as it offers a wide variety of deals and you can sign up by e-mail and receive a new deal every day. There are deals for tee times as well as lessons and even training aid products.

Where to find the best Golf Shops Online Golf Shop
Amazon offers a large variety of golf products at competitive prices. Golf
Fog Dog has been selling golf equipment online for quite awhile now. Their golf shop also includes a helpful buyers guide.
Might be a good choice if you are looking for used golf clubs. Also discounted golf clubs and equipment.
They sell a wide variety of golf balls and other golf products. Novelty and personalized golf balls too.
This website advertises as "Outfitting Golfers From Head To Toe". Seems to offer a wide selections of apparel and accessories for your game. Free shipping on orders over $100, they also offer 60 day exchange and returns. They also offer apparel for women and juniors.
A large list of products for your golf game all available online. Golfsmith is proud to offer extremely competitive, low pricing on our selection of leading brand-name merchandise. We believe our prices compare favorably with those found anywhere on the internet. Should you happen to find a lower price, we're proud to offer a Low Price Guarantee.
Website features sportswear and apparel for the lady golfer. Great gift site for the woman golfer in your life.
This site features unique golf products and gift ideas. They really do have some unique golf items, when we checked the site we saw a motorcycle golf caddie and fancy golf ball repair tools and markers that were made by a company called "loud mouth".
Discount golf site featuring a funny looking caveman logo. Seems to offer a lot of deals and specials. (The Golf Warehouse)

Offers a wide variety of golf products and accessories. They bill themselves as the #1 online superstore for Golf. Had some good deals on apparel last time we checked the site.

Did you ever wonder which Corporations Sponsor Events on the PGA Tour?  Corporate Sponsorship can often help their brands to grow.

List Of Corporate Brands that Sponsor the PGA Tour

Currently there are over 40 Corporate Sponsors for the PGA Tour

  1. Anheuser-Busch (Michelob Ultra / O'Doul's)
  2. PGA TOURĀ® and Champions TourĀ® Affinity Credit Cards
  3. Beringer
  4. Boston Hannah
  5. Bridgestone
  6. Carey International
  7. CDW
  9. Coca-Cola
  10. Custom House
  11. DePuy Mitek
  12. The Dow Chemical Company
  13. FedEx
  14. Forbes
  15. Getty Images
  16. Golf Digest Publications
  17. Hawaii Tourism Authority
  18. Humana
  19. IHG
  20. Jani-King
  21. JELD-WEN
  22. John Deere
  23. Ketel One
  24. Kodak
  25. Lending Tree
  26. MasterCard
  27. Mitsubishi Electric
  28. Morton's The Steakhouse
  29. National Car Rental
  30. Nationwide Insurance
  31. NOLET'S Finest Gins
  32. Norwegian Cruise Line
  33. PricewaterhouseCoopers
  34. Rolex
  35. Sentient
  36. SiriusXM
  37. Southern Company
  38. Tiffany & Co.
  39. Transitions Optical
  40. Travelers
  41. United Airlines

The Masters Golf Tournament

The Masters Golf tourney is only open to some select Corporate Sponsors which include: AT & T, Exxon Mobil and IBM.

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